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Nick Ryder
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Joining the Sim

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Now this isn't really for 'existing' members of the sim - since you already have Admin access for your characters - but for any returning members of the sim and any who would LIKE to join the sim - but going forward - if you want to create an account on the forum - please e-mail With details about yourself, your character(s) and any RPG/SIM experience you have. This forum seems to get at least 50 spam bot registrations a DAY and I usually delete them as I see them - but I do worry that any that would be interested in joining are simply being deleted before they can post and say 'hi' or post their bio.

So new writers- e-mail and let us know who you are!

I still like keeping the circle small in the sim - but I'm open to new people joining us
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Rebecca Talon
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Re: Joining the Sim

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Yes, absolutely I would love to see some new faces.

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