Angelica Ryder-Morris

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Angelica Ryder-Morris

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Full Name: Angelica Terese Ryder-Morris
Position: Commander, 414th Engineering & Planetary Defense Fleet
Gender: Female
Species: Enhanced Terran
Age: 38 (April 14th 2374 - Chronologically born during the Dominion War - but due to her being in the Pythus Sector as a child, time was lost - so physically younger than her Chronological age - Section 31 covered it up)

Physical Appearance: Athletic but curvy, Oriental complexion, dark brown hair, brown eyes.

Physical Description: (Lindsay Price) 5 foot 6 inches. Never ask a lady her weight unless she's pregnant.

Personality & Traits: Workaholic, perfectionist and by the book when on duty, fun, flirty and exuberant off duty. Can come off with a bit of a superiority complex due to being the daughter of a Flag Officer, but also very compassionate and emphatic. Enjoys artistic endeavors - crafts, fashion design, drawing.

[CLASSIFIED - Angelica was genetically modified when she was an infant. Her mother was nearly assassinated while pregnant with her and her sister, but all three were severely wounded. Admiral Ryder's sources within Section 31 allowed him to bypass the Federation genetic modification rules due to his own genetically modified status - done against his will (but this isn't about him ) Angel has enhanced agility, vision, and some mental enhancements. She tries to hide her ability but can sometimes be caught doing multiple things at once)

Strengths & Weaknesses: Fluent in a number of languages, both alien and terran. Can be a bit of a "brainiac"/bookworm and while she doesn't lord her knowledge over people, can come off as a bit of a show off. Is trained in two forms of martial arts by her mother, competent in both, but no black belt, taught to 'street fight' by her father. Can fight dirty if need be. (translation: gentlemen watch your family jewels)

Ambitions: Following in the family tradition as a leader and helping the newly formed Alliance grow. Possibly having more children to compete with her brother Jack.

Hobbies & Interests: Linguistics, cultures, tinkering with technology, flying. Enjoys painting, sculpting and designing clothes, jewelry and other decorations basically if its creative she enjoys it. Enjoys singing and playing guitar - as a former USO performer has no problem getting in front of people and performing or speaking.

Languages: Federation Standard, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Polish, Spanish, French, Klingon, Romulan Standard, some native Breen and some native Bolian - currently learning Narlin and Xenexian

Father : Nicholas Ryder
Mother : "Empress" Ju Lei (Julie) Lei - nee Ryder, nee Kirki
Brother(s) Marcus Ryder (deceased), Jack Ryder, half brother Kaikoa Lei
Sister(s) Olivia "Livvy" Ryder-Riddick, half sister Kalia Lei, half sister Alessandra St. James
Spouse :Nathan Morris
Children : Trinity Morris
Other Family : Dr. Tess Ryder (grandmother), Colonel Leo Ryder (grandfather)

Angel grew up on Starbases, Starships and Starfleet HQ, surrounded by officers, ambassadors and admiralty she dreamt of the day she could take her place among them. Ever since she was old enough to hold a padd, she was a "daddy's girl" helping him whenever she could until she was old enough to go to Starfleet Academy. She majored in Engineering and Command with a minor in xeno-linquistics. Under her mentor Admiral Sandoval's tutelage, she finished most of her courses virtually and was promoted to Ensign. Finishing up her course work and training on the Erebus.

After her formal graduation she took a post as an engineering intern on one of the ships her father was working on as test bed for new technologies. After the test bed was de-comm'd she transferred to the USS Tigris and served as an Operations officer. The Tigris was mostly destroyed after a major battle and she was moved to its new sister ship the Solidarity where she served as Chief of Operations.

During the Borg War she served as a Second Officer and a command officer trainee on the USS MacLeod, after the war and during all the incidents that followed she served with distinction, including being awarded a purple heart for being captured and severely injured in the line of duty. During her recovery, she spent time performing for other wounded officers under the name Angel Lei (her mother's maiden name) for the Federation USO.

Section 31 recruited her on recommendation by her father, a long time double operative for S31 and Starfleet Intel. Her mother is a special agent for S31 and the Federation Secret Service. As she spent nearly two years out of active service, she took a temporary demotion which allowed her to spend a few months getting to know the ropes of her new role as a double operative.

For nearly 3 years Angelica served aboard the USS Mata Hari, going from Operations Chief, to Second Officer, to XO, even acting as temporary Commander during a few missions. Her service aboard the Mata Hari came to an end when the ship was officially decommissioned following a number of intense battles and the Galaxy Class ship being retired. She was then offered the XO position aboard Outpost Byron when her father tapped Angel's former XO, Captain Aurore Ramsden to be it's CO. When Captain Ramsden was lost in a temporal rift, with Angel's sister in law Kirby Newstead, brother in law Ethan Riddick, her fiance Ben Devereaux and her father's lover Captain Lothar - Angel was promoted to Commanding Officer. Eventually the small Outpost was upgraded to a full Olympus Class starbase - utilizing parts originally

Service Record:
>Year of birth 2385
>Years attended Academy or year enlisted in Starfleet - 3 years at the Academy. Engineering and Command tracks. With a minor in linguistics taught by Onaria Sato - great-great-granddaughter of Hoshi Sato, comm officer on the NX-01 Enterprise.
>Name of Ship and position held:
USS Independence - NX-74200 - Experimental Test Bed ship - Engineering intern
USS Tigris - NCC-41988 - Operations Officer
USS Solidarity NCC-41481 - Chief of Ops
USS McLeod - NCC-33438 - Operations Officer/Command Trainee - Borg War
USS Mata Hari - NCC-97007 - Chief of Ops, Second Officer
>What year Section 31 recruited you and when you were assigned to the Mata Hari - 2411
Outpost Byron - XO
Starbase Byron - CO
USS/TAS Seraphim - CO
Commander of the 414th Engineering and Planetary Defense Fleet
Vice Admiral Angelica "Angel" Ryder-Morris
CO 414th Engineering & Planetary Defense Fleet
Flagship: TAS Kitea
"Perky is as perky does."

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