S.S. Mata Hari - Starship for the Mata Hari's Band

Ship specs, equipment stats, and other technical information
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S.S. Mata Hari - Starship for the Mata Hari's Band

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Ship Name: S.S. Mata Hari
Registry: NCC-81412
Class: Civilian-ized salvaged Walker Class
Function: "Tour bus" and traveling music venue for Olivia Ryder's band "The Mata Hari's"

Crew and Passengers: Up to 200 - can hold up to 3000 people in the refit aft shuttlebay redesigned as an amphitheater
Minimum crew - 5 - but can be handled by Holographic Systems and AI driven drones
Decks: 13

Defense Systems: Military grade Type 9 phaser banks and strips for defense - adapted for civilian use. Hidden quantum torpedo launcher on Deck 3 with micro torpedo launcher bays at all hard points - hidden from official specs and heavily shielded.

Shuttle compliment - 2 Type 8 shuttles 3 work bees 2 inspection craft 1 large heavy shuttle for land based concerts

Mata Hari Band

Lead Singer/Guitar/Bass: Olivia Ryder
Lead Guitar: Aimee Sandoval
Drums: Jena Tana
Keyboard: Lanakila Ryder
Rhythm Guitar/Vocals: Kirby Ryder
Bass/Backing Guitar: Vin Ryder - sometimes
Olivia Ryder
Performer and Full Time Mom
Ex-Intelligence Officer

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