From the Personal Logs of Tereska "Teri" Kellow

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From the Personal Logs of Tereska "Teri" Kellow

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Personal Log - Tereska Marie Kellow

2422 -

It's so curious to be so far into the future, to a time when I'm in my 90s, still gorgeous by the way, and with so much that has changed, I have no idea why I feel so comfortable here. I should be freaking out. I lost everything I ever knew. And yet... it's still there. Just... older. Different, yet still the same. My boyfriend Leo, who I was seriously considering breaking up with... is a silver fox of an old man that clearly loved my older counterpart enough to stay with her so long. Obviously there's a lot of backstory that I haven't been told, it seems like there are a lot of things they don't really want to tell me.

Sitting in this mansion that was once the Presidential Residence, that belongs to my... to her son. It's beautiful and reminds me so much of homes that I remember visiting. There are books in Polish in the library, he has original recordings of Polish music. There are paintings that I remember my mother giving me, that presumably she gave him. In the room he gave me, a sewing machine I bought as a newly refurbished machine when I got as a 'Sweet 16' present from my Aunt, sits very well used and in immaculate condition. The tiny scratched in 'TMK' I carved into the wood of the desk has a tiny little note handwritten on the wood, in a variation of my own handwriting, 'To my granddaughter Angelica.' The closet is filled with hand made clothes, many with 'ATR' on the tag, which I only recently found out stands for Angelica Terese Ryder. He gave his first born daughter my name.

So why am I not freaking out and just feeling overwhelmed? Anyone sane would feel overwhelmed seeing so much of their future and a future in which clearly they did something right.

Because it's not my future, it's her future but... if she could build this for herself, then I sure can do the same on my own terms. I feel like I can be myself, there's no Starfleet, not like it was at least. The Federation fell, but this Alliance seems so much... more. It's like everything I ever felt or thought how I felt that things should be done... there's elements of that here. Clearly Nicholas is very much a 'mama's boy' which isn't the worst thing. I can see by the way he looks at me, that he's curious about the kind of woman his mother was before she had him, before she became this voluptuous, well educated, well loved 'Doctor Mom' to everyone.

Spending the day with that Narlin Emperor and his family, it so reminded me of what Great-Grandmother had me do when I'd visit, but I never really enjoyed the whole 'royal' thing, neither did mom. We lived such a normal life, I went to normal schools. Dad worked as an engineer, mom as a medic. I got my love of medicine from watching her but also because I just love to help people. I don't know what I was thinking telling Nicholas I'd be his assistant, maybe because I want to learn more about this timeline and clearly he was his mother's right hand when he was younger. Probably not much younger than I am now.

In some ways... this is like a dream, I have a fresh start and yet so much opportunity, how far would 'Tess Ryder' have gotten if she didn't get married? My 'sister' seems to have done alright but this is such a different era, I even wonder if we'd be friends or if we'd hate each other. We're the same woman and yet... we're not. Only time will tell.
Lt. Col. Tereska "Teri" Kellow
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