Rebuild it

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Rebuild it

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Two Weeks Later --

Angel was standing in her grandmother's office, overlooking Capitol City, the damage was slowly being repaired to the buildings that were hit by the Scions and Clones attacks. New buildings were already going up to replace the ones that were completely leveled. Resting her hand on her baby bump she glanced over at the door as it opened.

"You beat me here." Tess said with a chuckle. "You are so not my kid."

"Well, after nearly thinking I was going into labor two weeks ago... why am I still pregnant?" Angel said with a sigh.

"You aren't quite ready yet. Every augment birth is a tad different, some take longer, some take shorter, some... are just different. You ARE having twins after all and the father is cloned." Tess replied. "Things aren't quite as cut and dried as they were with Seraphina."

"You took no time at all to start calling her that. I still call her Trini." Angel chuckled lightly.

"Personally WAS going to name Tasha Seraphina but I had a feeling you were going to use the name first that and I entirely forgot when we were filling out the birth certificate and I was so high off my ass on pain killers. She's lucky her name isn't Sweetie Pie Ryder."

"Oh god that would be horrible." Angel laughed and sighed as she looked at her grandmother. "So I'm worrying for nothing then?"

"Give it another few weeks, if the twins aren't ready, then we'll start worrying. You're still way ahead of normal. 37 weeks is still considered premature. Not all of them can be born and raised in a tube and age accelerated." Tess said with a slight grimace. "This girl... woman... Bellatrix's daughter, you sure you trust her the way you do?"

"I do." Angel said and smiled. "I always promised Aunt Becca I would do for someone else what she did for me. I can see a lot of me in Orlaith and she's.... kind of a half sister in a way."

"Dominus was not your father he's not even half... a quarter of the man your father is." Tess replied and clenched her fists. "Your father may not always have been the most respectful boy to me, we always had far too familiar of a relationship, and I blame myself for that, we were more like peers than mother and son, you never heard some of our arguments."

"I've heard a couple... but you had a weird family dynamic, Grandpa Leo was off doing whatever. Natalia, Tony were usually away too, you two spent a lot more time together, plus after he was enhanced." Angel said and nodded her head. "Trust me... my relationship with my own mother... not exactly great. You and he may have had your battles now and then, but you never had blades at each other's throats. Julie Lei was harsh to me and my sister, Olivia still has scars from their fights. Why do you think I clung to dad so tightly? I loathed my mother. But I understand why now... she wasn't quite the woman that gave birth to me and yet... she was."

"And we miss them both don't we?" Tess said and sighed. "I guess I just feel... overwhelmed, first big battle and Nick isn't around. It just feels... different. You stepped up to fill his boots though."

"I tried." Angel said with a smile. "And Jon's finally kind of breaking out of his shadow too. But it IS taking a toll on all of us. Nathan and I... it's... not great between us. He wants me to take more leave which I know I should, but there's too much to do after this." she closed her eyes. "He's comparing me to Kinsey which I'm not sure is good."

"Kinsey did tend to get a bit... obsessive about things. Mainly Jack though." Tess replied.

"AND it might be me... I mean... we haven't slept in the same bed in over a month, even before the battle." Angel bit her lower lip. "Is it bad that I have like zero romantic attraction to the father of my children?"

"Well in all fairness he did get you pregnant again." Tess reminded her with a wink.

"True... hormones huh?" Angel nodded her head.

"Bingo. Give it time. You may be super woman but you're still a mere mortal when it comes to biology." Tess said and crossed her legs a she sat on the edge of her desk. "Just wait until you pass the half century mark, then its kind of like 'round two'." she blushed slightly. "Roger and I... he wants to marry me like... whenever I'm ready. Although he did let it slip that he has an idea where your father is, it's when he was living as their neighbor. He promised not to give an exact date since Nick and Alice are trying their hardest to give Gale a normal childhood..."

"Dad wanted to be there when I had the twins. I'm sure I'll find a way to make that happen." Angel said and took her grandmother's hand in her's. "And hey if you need someone to do the ceremony... you wouldn't be my first couple I've married."

"I'll entirely keep that in mind." Tess said softly. "So... do you think the Scions are truly done now?"

"No, but I think they'll leave Terra Alpha alone. Ophelia... she's still out there, but she's not quite like her father. She's more like me, which scares me." Angel looked at the AlphaTek Tower. "She's already sent me a few threats. I think she wants to face me, but only after I've had my twins and I'm at my best again."

"Oddly... fair of her." Tess said and looked at her hands. "Angelica... promise me one thing, now that this latest threat is passed and this seemed as apocalyptic as it comes... but if anything happens to me, I want you to have guardianship of Tasha. I mean, I am almost a hundred, even with the Siofran DNA in my veins and the fact that I had that age regression years ago, but I know there were a lot of close calls."

"I would be happy to, but in the meantime... you know you can live with me at least until Roger marries you." Angel said with a wink of her eye.

"Gawd... I can't believe I'm even considering and actually thinking it would be... a good idea. Leo was the only one I ever dated, granted his brother and I flirted but that was all it was." Tess sand then raised an eyebrow. "The hell..." she looked out the window and saw AlphaTek Tower completely lit up.

"Heh... Jon must be playing with the lighting." Angel chuckled. "Aunt Natalia and I redid the exterior lighting so it could light up in all kinds of different colors and patterns."

"Oh yeah that'll get annoying real fast." Tess giggled.

"That's why we didn't really use it... " Angel whistled. "But it's not our tower anymore..."
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Re: Rebuild it

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AlphaTek Tower - Penthouse Level

Jon Price walked out of his bedroom onto the terrace that overlooked Capitol City, he could see the Marine and Naval shuttles doing patrols, the faint sounds of phaser cannons and construction equipment. Since there was so much damage and destruction from the Ajem and Scion attack on the Capitol, they did a temporary evacuation of all but essential personnel and used military hardware to clear the debris quicker than normal methods. Heavy phaser cannons pulverized fallen buildings and micro torpedoes were used to excavate new foundations. It was unconventional, but with millions displaced, they had to get the city back in order and functional in a short amount of time and with his residence moved from the new destroyed Presidential Compound to AlphaTek Tower, which would soon be re-christened 'Terra Alpha Tower' and would be the new seat of Terra Alpha government, it behooved him to get the city rebuilt in record time.

Bella was still passed out on the bed behind him, she had been up for three days straight working on aide for the displaced and getting the Orphan Colony deployed to help with some of the work, with the massive destruction, there was plenty of work to go around and it would be a good learning opportunity for the older ones. The night ended well, with most of her programs getting approved and they celebrated into the night... but the past days had caught up to her and now she was completely out. He smiled as he watched her sleep peacefully for once. The penthouse didn't quite feel like home, it had very few of their things, but it felt homey enough. Her grandfather had made sure everything was set up for them. Looking across at a skeletal building, he saw a redheaded woman in the middle of the workers floating with anti-grav boots zipping around checking things. The new AlphaTek Tower was already framed out and many of the internal systems were going in, they had begun construction two days ago.

"This is the future Jon... and it's going to happen fast." were her last words to her before she tossed him the keys to the tower and began work on her new home.

Closing his eyes, he could picture a rebuilt Capitol City as the plans were already in place and he knew that this was his one and only shot at making his mark. He didn't care as much his legacy as Nick Ryder did, he was just the next man in the chair, but with everything that he had happen... he did want at least one good thing to be his legacy. Jon knew that he and Bella would never have children of their own, the Price line would technically end with him. Which was fine, the Prices other than him, were assholes. But he knew Bella and he had their heart set on raising children someday. Then he heard the sounds of Mac and Jason and Carly from the floor below, they were testing out some of the new computers and Carly had developed a habit of playing loud music while she coded to block out other distractions.

"And so it begins..." Jon muttered as he walked back into his bedroom, put on a pair of slacks and a shirt and slipped into his loafers and walked down to the main living area. "I'm amazed that Bella can sleep through this."

"It's your record." James shrugged his shoulders as he handed off a cup of tea. "Why DO you have records anyway?"

"I like the warmth of the sound." Jon said as he winced slightly. "Although can she turn it down to 8 instead of 11?" he chuckled. "And what are you doing here so early already?"

"Uhm... " James blushed. "Promise you won't get mad?"

"James..." Jon gave him a look.

"Well Mac wouldn't let go when she fell asleep on the couch and I didn't feel like letting go either." James said with a slight smile. "I promise we didn't do anything... honest!"

"You do know your father hates when you leave Kaitlyn alone or is she here too?" Jon looked around.

"Yeah... Liara and him are kinda... in mission mode. They found a few more spies from the Scions lurking around, so they were doing their thing." James replied and rubbed his neck. "Now those two are entirely doing something I'm sure... dad doesn't put his DND up for me unless he's... y'know... occupied."

"So James m'boy... how would you like to help me get the cabinet together so we can figure out what the bloody hell we're going to be doing, it's been two weeks and after the whole battle, everyone's fine with me being vague but we need to make statements." Jon sipped his tea. "I also want you to get in touch with Victoria Thorne... I'm... going to do something very foolish but it may be smart."

"Put her on the cabinet?" James winced. "Yeah that'll go over well, but... I suppose it keeps her where you can keep an eye on her."

"Exactly. With Sandoval gone to who knows where, I need someone who understands the remaining Ajem'dasis and the Jase'dasis who can help advise us. And Arisu has flat out refused to be on the cabinet again." Jon rolled his eyes. "She works with SHIELD, but not because she wants to."

"Understandable. Yeah I'll get the memos out and get everyone gathered here, when do you want to do this? Later today or tomorrow?" James made some notes on his padd.

"Tomorrow, give us some time... besides, Isabella needs the rest." Jon said as he glanced up at the ceiling. "By the way... I heard a rumor this place lights up in all kinds of different colors... wanna mess around with it?"
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Re: Rebuild it

Post by Tali’Zorha »

Later --

"Grozit! What the hell are you boys doing? This tower looks like a damn Rigel VI gambling tower." Tali said as she walked off the elevator and looked at Jon and James. "That's one thing about a smart tower like this, I can find your stupid asses anywhere."

"Busted." James winced.

"Mister President... you do realize you and Bella are due to meet with the intelligence council. Kinsey's final report before she and Jack fuck off to who the fuck knows where." Tali said. "And I don't intend to waste a moment of time with my daughter."

"That was today? I thought we put everything off?" Jon raised an eyebrow.

"Not since some Clone assholes tried to take pot shots at her and Director Decker... now we have a meeting." Tali said and gave James a look. "And James is the only one that Clint and Liara will pick up the comm for."
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Re: Rebuild it

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"Geezus Mister President... what are you doin' to my tower?" Tony said as he walked off the elevator. "Oh hey Tali."

"I already chided them... and what the hell man... you stood me up. Twice." Tali glared at Tony. "Not that I'm at all interested in you as a mate but for fuck's sake if you're going to set up a meeting, actually be there? I'm doing like... two jobs... three if you count baby sitter."

"Sorry... uhm... Noella kinda... kept me busy." Tony blushed and cleared his throat. "Anyway..."

"Oh are you screwing your brother's ex? That's... messed up." Tali chuckled. "Grozit you Ryders are incestuous."

"Well she's been single for years and one thing lead to another... hey we're rebuilding, we had a war... things... happen." Tony winced.

"Indeed... but... you are both cabinet members... not sure what I feel about that." Jon replied.

"Well you're technically sleeping with one too." Tony winked his eye at him.

"Good point, but she's not Secretary of Defense and our Secretary of State." Jon said and shrugged his shoulders. "But who am I to talk?"

"So are we having the meeting here? Because Nicole and... oh Grozit... she's with Ryder's uncle... this is like Xenex, except without the child weddings." Tali chuckled and rolled her eyes. "That's it, I'm sleeping with Dr. Tess's little brother... he kept messaging me. Giving me these weird raised eyebrow pictures of himself."

"That's... a little creepy and yeah... Uncle Steffan's a bit... weird." Tony chuckled. "Married like 8 thousand times."

"Oh goody... then he won't mind a one night stand just so I can be like the other 'cool' kids at this party." Tali chuckled and pointed her finger at James. "And don't you think I'm not keeping an eye on you and my granddaughter..."
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Re: Rebuild it

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"Oh eww... I come here because this is where Tali's badge said she was and we're talking about everyone sleeping with family? And I'm the 'wacko Jacko?" Jack said with a smirk. "And Tali luv... I am so glad you are doing what you are doing."

Tali'Zorha winced and shook her head. "Jack... nice to see you with your clothes on. Do you always work in your lab in just a lab coat?" she raised an eyebrow.

"Well inspiration caught me when I was in the shower..." Jack replied and shrugged his shoulders. "Ask Uncle Tony... he knows all about creation in the nude..."

"Guilty." Tony raised his hand.

"You're all degenerates." Tali rolled her eyes. "And where is my daughter?"

"No idea... I don't keep a leash on her. We're not Jason and Kassie." Jack teased.

"Gro...zit." Tali laughed and buried her face in her hands.
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Re: Rebuild it

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Malcolm came out of the elevator with T'Kir at his side and chuckled. "Clearly we came in at the end of something... and if this is how you call for the Cabinet, I do believe a Bat-signal would also work." he said with his dry Scottish wit and looked at Jack. "Nice to see you again lad. Your daughter has been immensely helpful. Carly has quite the future ahead of her. Beyond even what her elder counterpart is."

"Oh I know... trust me on that." Jack said cryptically. "Any news on.. that front yet?"

"Ach... I dinnae why I thought cross species mating would be bloody easy...." T'Kir poked his chest. "Oh that's right your and yuir brood p'haps..." she winced slightly. "Ye give Mal this daft idea and now I'm the one carryin' it..."

"Ah ha! I was right!" Jack pumped his fist.

"Right about wot?" Malcolm gave him a side eye.

"That you two were more compatible than you realized." Jack said with a grin. "You do know T'Kir has Scottish DNA in her blood and only a couple generations back, more than Terran compatible."

"Well, I just didn't expect to get pregnant while we're rebuildin' the bloody planet." T'Kir muttered. "Y'ever figure out why this bloody planet is so fertile?"

"Actually yes... two things. One. Hope for the future and... the planet's core isn't nearly as magnetic as Earth and a few others, so fertility is a bit easier to come by here, in addition to the lack of centuries of toxins and other things that retard fertility." Jack replied.

"Makes sense... e'en now m'hometown Edin'bur'ah... still can't drink the water or grow things in certain parts due to all the pollution and fall out." Malcolm replied. "Makes some sense... an' it's hard to keep m'hands off this woman."

"You could try harder." T'Kir teased. "Daft old man."

"Harpie." Malcolm said with a smirk.

"Proud of it." T'Kir laughed and smiled. "He's so much fun to fight with..."

"Which does lead to why we came... regardless of what ye've been doin' to the building." Malcolm said as he looked at Jon. "I... am thinking... more like... just tossing the idea around, of possibly resignin' as your Veep. New Scotland... well, they could use people like T'Kir and I."

"Aye... I've been considering it as well.' T'Kir replied. "There are mid terms coming up and well... there are other qualified people who can take my place."

"What we're tryin' to say is... our people need us." Malcolm replied. "But if you want us to stay sir... we'll stay. Of course, I wouldn't resign without talking it out with Bella... she's why I'm even here in the first place. Girl's like a daughter to me."
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